Is the owner really from Philly?
The president of the company is in fact from Philadelphia, and he makes sure that everything we sell lives up to the quality of the classic sandwiches sold in Philly.
Are your sandwiches as good as the ones sold in Philly?
Yes. We strive to be the best. We pride ourselves on stating that we are the closest thing to Home. If you don’t believe us, come check out one of our restaurants!
I manage a business and I'd like to place a large order for my employees. Is there anything I should know? Do you offer catering?
Taste of Philly can work within almost any budget and create a custom menu for your next event, large or small!!! You can come to us or we can come to you, the food is always amazing. Our full catering menu, order form and contact info is available on our website under Catering.
What are your hours? Where are you located?
We have multiple locations. Each of our stores sets their own hours. Please check our Locations section.
What's good here?
Of course, everything’s good, and each person has his/her own tastes, but we are best known for our Philly cheesesteaks and hoagies, and there’s a reason for that. We try and have a little something for everyone and offer variety for our customers. See our menu! to decide for yourself!
My delivery is taking longer than I was told it would. Why?
We only have a certain number of drivers working at a given time. Although we schedule enough drivers for a typical night’s business, occasionally we experience extremely high volume and as a result, deliveries can take longer than expected. Most of the time we get our deliveries out well ahead of schedule, and on the off chance that we do take longer than we told you, we apologize and are doing the best we can to get your food to you.
Are you hiring?
We’re always taking applications! Check out our Employment page for an application. Each store has their own hiring process.
How long have you guys been around?
We opened our first store in July of 1993 and we have been growing steadily, every year since!
Do you do catering?
Yes! Check out the Taste of Philly Catering page.
I'm interested in opening my own Taste of Philly. Do you offer franchise opportunities?
Yes! Each of our stores is individually owned and operated. We are always looking to open new stores and expand. Please see our Franchising section for more information and a copy of our Franchise Agreement.